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Inuit Business Directory

The Inuit Business Directory was officially launched by PAIL in May 1999 at a symposium that was held, appropriately, on the topic of "doing business with the Inuit -- gaining access to the north." At that time of this announcement PAIL gratefully acknowledged the receipt of funding from Aboriginal Business Canada for the initial design and development of the IBD.

There are now over 700 listings in the Inuit Business Directory that provide contact information on Inuit-owned businesses as well as information on the products and services that are provided to customers by these businesses -- from airlines to Internet service providers, and from adventure tourism outfits to fuel delivery operators.

The Inuit Business Directory assists in the promotion of Inuit business development by bringing buyers and sellers together as well as by facilitating business contacts and the development of successful business relationships and further commercial ventures.

Along with many others, PAIL shares the belief that Internet-based information resources are particularly appropriate for the North, because of their ability to overcome barriers of distance and isolated population centers. In this regard, a unique feature of the Inuit Business Directory is that each and every business with an IBD listing now has in effect a basic web site providing a web presence that is accessible continuously from anywhere with Internet connections. These basic sites, for Inuit businesses of all sizes, contain information about the individual businesses and have links to the separate web sites for those companies that have their own custom-designed web sites.

There are four different ways to carry out a search of the IBD for information on Inuit business enterprises. These four search routines can be accessed by clicking one of the buttons on the left hand menu of the IBD home page. The four different ways to search the directory are:

Alphabetical Listing

If this is chosen, a menu will come up at the top of the screen showing the letters “A” to “Z” and a “#” sign for numbered companies. A listing of the businesses that begin with the letter chosen will be displayed. Further information on each of these businesses can be obtained by clicking the name of the individual business.

Searches By Geographic Location

Displays Inuit-owned firms having an “operating presence” in a specific Inuit community or region. The term “operating presence” in this context, means that goods or services are provided by the business directly to their customers in that community. This does not necessarily mean that the head office for the business is in the community - only that the business has some sort of operating presence there.

Two options for geographic searches are available. At the top of the geographic search page there is a “Clickable Map of Canada’s North” that shows all of the Inuit communities in northern Canada. Below this, there is a listing of the various Inuit communities in the North subdivided by region and of communities in Southern Canada in which Inuit businesses are located.

Searches By Economic Sector

Lists Inuit-owned businesses in Canada that provide goods and services by a given economic sector. Further information on each of these businesses can be obtained by clicking the name of the individual Inuit-owned business.

Free Text Searches

A Free Text Search option is also provided for key word searches of the IBD database. To conduct a free text search type the word or words that you want to search for in the “search term box” and click the “Search Now” button. The free text search routine is not case sensitive. . The four “radio buttons” allow you to expand or narrow your search. If you would like further information on how to use the different free text search options you can refer to the appropriate topic in the “Help Menu” at the top of the screen.

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