ATCO Frontec is a part of ATCO Ltd., a diverse global holding corporation with investments in Structures & Logistics; Energy Infrastructure; Transportation and Ports; and Commercial Real Estate.

Established over 30 years ago as Frontier Technologies, ATCO had a vision of creating a Canadian world-class technical services company providing operations and technical services in communications, radar and electronics to a national and international clientele. This led to an award to operate the North Warning System in 1987.

ATCO Frontec was committed to providing Northern Benefits: contracts and employment opportunities for northerners. Contract extensions and renewals reflected Frontec’s exemplary technical stewardship and strong record in exceeding these socio-economic contract provisions.

Today, ATCO Frontec is a world leader specializing in operational support services, facilities management and maintenance, workforce lodging services, logistics and consulting, defence operations services, and disaster and emergency management solutions.