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Arctic Fox PhotographAs the operations and maintenance provider to Ellesmere Island Commercial Support Contract, Nasittuq works with contractors for the provision of construction, engineering, and transportation services in the North.

Potential bidders should download the applicable following PDF documents:

Nasittuq’s contracts department is responsible for the release of tender packages for all upcoming project work as well as the management of all agreements with contractors and vendors.

A diverse range of expertise and material is required to maintain the Ellesmere Island Commercial Support Contract. Nasittuq’s project requirements cover a wide variety of goods and service including but not limited to: construction, engineering, and transportation services as well as the procurement of goods such as: POL, water treatment, and electronic devices.

How do I learn about business opportunities with Nasittuq?

Contractors interested in receiving Tenders From Nasittuq should complete the Contractor Registration Form. Download Contractor Registration Form

What is the process?

Goods and services are contracted through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. RFPs are released and distributed to Contractors currently registered with Nasittuq’s Contracts Department.
Contractors interested in doing business with Nasittuq should complete the Contractor Registration Form. Nasittuq will only accept proposals submitted by invited registered Contractors.
Nasittuq’s selection process for contractors is thorough and and impartial. It begins with a Request for Proposal, which differs from an Invitation to Quote. Nasittuq evaluates responses to RFPs against a variety of criteria, as opposed to an Invitation to Quote where the winner is generally the lowest bidder.
With a Request for Proposal, price is generally just one of the evaluation criteria. It’s the bidder’s responsibility to demonstrate its understanding of the Work and how it intends to complete the Project.

How is the winning bid chosen?

Proposals are typically evaluated using the following categories and weighting:

Management Plan 30 %
Technical Plan 60 %
Financial Proposal 10 %

The Nasittuq Corporation purchasing section facilitates the acquisitions of goods and services, maintain a commitment to excellence through professional ethics and best business practices, accountability, to provide sourcing in an effective and efficient manner in compliance with mission and policies.


The Nasittuq purchasing team works closely with all aspects of vendor’s issues to purchase goods and services, to support the Ellesmere Island Commercial Support Contract. Quality, pricing, service, repair and delivery are our outmost concerns & we aim to meet all these goals.

Nasittuq invites all vendors to register their companies with us, vendors interested in doing so, should complete the Vendor Registration Form.

Northern transportation

Transportation in “The North” is unique. The influences of weather conditions and geography are only a few of the challenges faced while transporting goods to the north. Nasittuq Corporation meets these challenges by utilizing different modes of transportation depending on the availability of resources within the regions.
Nasittuq uses Sea, Land and Air modes of transportation. These methods are chosen and coordinated by our specialists based on the time of year, and the most economical means.

When supplying goods to Nasittuq the supplier/vendor shall provide effective protection to the contents against damage in handling reflective of the mode of transport as specified by Nasittuq Corporation. The transportation mode and packaging requirement information will be specified within Nasittuq’s Request for Quotation and subsequent Purchase Order.

Contractor Registration Form (MS Word format)

Email the completed form to or fax to 613-238-7314.

Vendor Registration Form (MS Word format)

Email completed form to or fax to 613-238-7314.

Bidder’s Guide – Doing Business with Nasittuq (PDF)