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Operating at the top of the world

Nasittuq is the contractor providing site-support service, program management and administration support to the Government of Canada’s Department of National Defence for the maintenance and operation of the 90 buildings and extensive grounds that comprise CFS Alert.

Located at the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, CFS Alert is a military station operating on a permanent basis with 8 Wing Trenton of the Canadian Armed Forces. The military facility is dedicated to collecting SIGINT data, supporting Arctic science and other activities in support of Canadian Arctic sovereignty.

Working in remote locations is never approached lightly, and Ellesmere Island takes first prize for tough conditions. Our dedicated team works tirelessly against these varied obstacles with unparalleled spirit and strength. Conditions in the Arctic can reach staggeringly low temperatures of -40 to -71°Celcius, with Alert being just 817 km from the north pole. The nearest settlement is the Inuit community of Grise Fiord, about 725 km to the south.

Maintaining a 5500-gravel runway, several kilometres of roads, a quarry operation, landfills, fuel farms, scientific labs, and antenna farms is just a small portion of the valuable work done by the Nasittuq team at Ellesmere Island. We also provide services such as:

  • Accommodation and food services
  • Water and wastewater management
  • Solid and hazardous waste handling
  • Vehicle maintenance

Ensuring Inuit Benefits

Inuit participation is important to our operations, where traditional Inuit knowledge combined with logistical expertise and maintenance training, allows us to operate to the highest standard. Ensuring benefits for northern communities is essential to our mission, so we provide training to our Inuit employees, as well as offer support with passport applications, security clearance, medical clearance, and banking to help our employees succeed.

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