Nasittuq Makes Indigenous “10 to Watch” List

The Indigenomics Institute

Nasittuq Corporation was recently named to the Indigenomics Institute’s 4th Annual “10 to Watch” list, which highlights organizations demonstrating excellence and leadership in the growing Indigenous economy.

We’ve been a meaningful contributor to the Indigenous economy for two decades, since the company was originally formed as a joint venture between the Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation and ATCO Frontec to operate and maintain the North Warning System.

“It’s an honour to be recognized by the Indigenomics Institute for emerging economic strength, our partnership development, and business innovation,” says Jody Langelier, President, Nasittuq. “We’re a majority Inuit-owned business committed to building equity for Inuit through participation as trainees, employees, suppliers, and owners. The present-day need for skilled Inuit employees shines a light on the path toward growing the Indigenous economy through community development and skills training.”

We’ve seen significant growth in the Indigenous Economy in northern Canada that can be tracked in the long-term trajectory of our Inuit Development Corporation shareholders. Over the past two decades, these Inuit Development Corporations have grown tremendously both in scale and scope. They have investments and businesses active in practically all key sectors of the northern economy. Development Corporations are also expanding outside the North to pursue opportunities in other parts of Canada.

The Indigenomics Institute is the leading research, education, and engagement platform for supporting the rebuilding and design of Indigenous economies of Indigenous peoples worldwide. There is a current push to facilitate the growth of the Indigenous economy from its current value of $32 billion to $100 billion in five years. You can see the complete Top 10 here.