As the operations and maintenance provider for the Ellesmere Island Commercial Support Contract, we work with qualified contractors to provide construction, engineering, and transportation services in Canada’s North.

Our contracts department is responsible for the release of tender packages for all upcoming project work, as well as the management of all agreements with contractors and vendors.



A diverse range of expertise and material is required to maintain the Ellesmere Island Commercial Support Contract. Our project requirements cover a wide variety of goods and services including but not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Transportation services
  • Procurement of goods

A: Contractors interested in receiving Tenders from us should complete the Contractor Registration Form.

A: Our selection process for contractors is thorough and impartial. Goods and services are contracted through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. RFPs are released and distributed to Contractors currently registered with our Contracts Department.

We will only accept proposals submitted by invited registered Contractors.

We evaluate responses to RFPs against a variety of criteria, where price is generally just one component. It’s the bidder’s responsibility to demonstrate their understanding of the work and how it intends to complete the project.

A: Proposals are typically evaluated using the following categories and weighting:

Management Plan 30%
Technical Plan 60%
Financial Proposal 10%



Our purchasing department is responsible for procuring goods and services for our projects. We’re committed to sourcing ethically and professionally, ensuring we’re in compliance with our client policies.

A: We invite all vendors to register their companies with us. Vendors interested in doing so should complete the Vendor Registration Form.

A: Transportation in the North is unique due to weather conditions, geography and accessibility. We may use sea, land or air transportation depending on the availability in each region, the time of year and the most economical options.

When supplying goods to Nasittuq, the supplier or vendor must effectively protect the contents against potential damage from handling or transportation. We will specify the transportation mode and packaging requirements in our Request for Quotation and subsequent purchase order.



Potential bidders should download the applicable following PDF documents

NAS-SI-100- Standard Instructions- Goods and Services- Competitive Requirements- June 17, 2013 (supersedes version dated October 4, 2012)


NAS-GC-200- General Conditions for Contract- March 2nd, 2015


NAS-SI-RFSO-300- Standard Instructions- Request for Standing Offers- Competitive Requirements- May 2nd, 2013 (supersedes version dated April 24th, 2013)


NAS-GC-SO-400- General Conditions- Standard Offers- Goods or Services- May 2nd, 2013 (supersedes version dated April 24th, 2013)