A new decade,
a new Nasittuq

In January 2021, we re-organized our corporate structure to become an Inuit controlled corporation registered as an Inuit Firm on the Nunavut Inuit Firm Registry (IFR #1043) and the Nunatsiavut Government Business Directory (#201). The shareholders of the company include Nunasi Corporation, PAIL and ATCO Frontec.

Under the new structure, Nunasi Corporation holds 51% voting rights and ATCO Frontec holds 49% voting rights, with a 51% equity interest held by PAIL and a 49% equity interest held by ATCO Frontec.

Person Walking in Cambridge Bay
Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation (PAIL) and ATCO Frontec pursue North Warning System (NWS) contract.


About Nasittuq Corporation

We have a long history with our roots extending back to 1994, where our founding partners, Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation (PAIL) and ATCO Frontec (Frontec) formed a joint venture that went on to win a Government of Canada contract to operate and maintain the North Warning System (NWS).

In 2000 there was increasing interest for Inuit to become more involved in the management and technical aspects of the NWS, so the joint venture was restructured to create a 50/50 partnership sharing all aspects of the business. Nasittuq Corporation was created as the joint venture’s agent. Nasittuq was awarded the NWS contract in 2001 and held it until 2014.


A mission spanning two decades

Since our inception, our mission has been to provide exemplary technical and management services to our Canadian and U.S. Government customers, while increasing opportunities for Inuit participation as trainees, employees, suppliers and owners.

We’ve established a strong reputation for meeting the needs of our military customers and for enhancing Inuit participation, from both our past contract with the North Warning System, and currently as we provide operations and maintenance services at Ellesmere Island, NU.

We remain committed to building on our successes to provide even greater opportunities to our shareholders for economic growth and to individuals for personal development.